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The show off thread! Empty The show off thread!

Post by MattS on Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:37 pm

Pretty much self explanatory, really, haha.

I was bored tonight, so I decided to take photos of all my books based on games that I've acquired over the years. In Japan, especially there's a really healthy print market for collector's books and the like, and it's something that's just starting to pop up in the West courtesy of Udon and Dark Horse.

So here's my collection (well, most of it, there's probably a book or two lying around that I forgot). Enjoy Razz

The show off thread! Photo_zpsbdc35648

These are my English books. In order: Final Fantasy XIII-2 strategy guide. Mass Effect 3 strategy guide. Alice Madness Returns Art Book. The Game Localisation Book. Pokemon X and Y strategy guide. 1001 Games You Must Play Before You Die. Gamers At Work.

The rest are Japanese books

The show off thread! Photo3_zpsf3f22d42

Atelier Rorona Art Book. Atelier Arland Trilogy Art Book.

The show off thread! Photo5_zpsd63d887b

Ar Tonelico Qoga 3 Art Book. Atelier Escha & Logy Art Book.

The show off thread! Photo2_zps06aa1b3b

Monster Monpiece Art Book. Fire Emblem Knights Of Iris Art Book.

The show off thread! Photo4_zps1ecc6983

Photo Kano Kiss strategy guide. Dragon Quest VI (DS) strategy guide.

The show off thread! Photo9_zps8b74ca29

Airou Fan Book. Love Plus Fan Book.

The show off thread! Photo7_zpsf1365050

Super Mario 3D Land Mini Guide (got it in a Famitsu magazine)
Dragon Quest 25 Year Anniversary Collector's Book.

The show off thread! Photo8_zps30a3aaa7

Final Fantasy XIII Post Card book.
Dragon Quest retro strategy guide that I nabbed at Super Potato.

So now, are there any collections/ anything you'd like to show off? Do so here! Laughing 

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The show off thread! Empty Re: The show off thread!

Post by Chalgyr on Tue Nov 19, 2013 4:44 pm

Very nice. I especially like the FF XIII (soft spot for Lightning over here). I don't have nearly as much game-related book content. I'll have to see what I have, but I don't do too many collector's editions or the like. I have Mass Effect 3 stuff, and the Disgaea 4 collector's edition, and I got a pretty cool book and box with Shin Megami Tensei IV

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